Cactus (59cm)


A small decorative, artificial cactus potted with a sandy base. This cactus will bring a desert aesthetic into your home or office.

This artificial cactus is 59 cm tall. It is highly realistic replica of a real cactus plant. The body of the cactus is rigid and the little spikes that are actually soft plastic and therefore totally safe for children to touch.

Several broad green cacti sit with life-like spines, potted in a plain plastic pot and ready to display. You can easily put this inside a larger planter if you wish.

When it arrives:

Unpack: We will send your Cactus tree safely and securely in a cardboard box. The plant and travel pot may have some additional wrapping to keep it secure in transit. First remove all of the packaging and, if possible, recycle it. Your artificial Cactus tree will arrive in a plain black pot. Our Cactus tree is cemented into this pot to provide stability.

Arrange: You will find that the stems on the Cactus tree are in place when you remove it from the box. This plant can be used straight from the box and hardly needs adjusting.

Add finishing touches: We do suggest replanting into a more decorative plant pot to compliment your artificial Cactus.


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