Basket – BaTonga Isangwa (61-70cm)


Made using Hyphaene palm leaf.  Pattern varies and is unique to each basket.  Sizing of these baskets is by diameter.

The botanical material used is not endangered and encourage weavers to practice sustainable harvesting methods.  In South Africa, we work closely with local conservation authorities where special permission is obtained to harvest local reeds.  The main plants used for these baskets are cyperus textilis, a river reed known in South Africa as imizi, and hyphanae petersiana and hyphanae coriacea – two variants of the palm known as ilala.  All are endemic and not vulnerable.

The handmade element is evident and celebrated across the range of baskets.  Irregularities and creative inputs are encouraged and no two baskets are alike.

Baskets are difficult to pack and are space inefficient.  Sometimes it is possible to squash the baskets in order to minimize volume.  This will mean that you, the customer, will need to wet the baskets and reshape them if and when necessary.  Please indicate on your order if you do not want this to happen.

Your order should be unpacked immediately upon arrival and allowed to air.

Please allow 4 – 8 weeks for manufacturing, should we not have the baskets in stock.


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